History of Kenney Farm

In 1885, Thomas Kenney and his two sons (Tom and Billy) began market gardening a small parcel of land in Arlington, Massachusetts eventually increasing the size of the operation to seventeen acres. After Tom Sr.'s death in 1901, Tom Jr. and Billy continued the market gardening farm until 1922 when Billy (along with his sons Phil and Lawrence) relocated to a 14-acre farm in the east quarter of Concord, Massachusetts.

Kenney Farm Concord expanded to produce multiple varieties of vegetables for the Faneuil Hall Market in Boston. In the late 1930's, with assistance from Billy's brother Tom, Kenney Farm Concord started direct sales to the A&P Supermarket chain. Eventually Kenney Farm Concord produced exclusively for the A&P chain. With the death of Billy Kenney in 1942, Phil and Lawrence assumed ownership of the farm. Under the management of Phil and Lawrence, Kenney Farm Concord grew to approximately 150 acres with the purchase and leasing of local farmland. In the early 1960's Phil retired from farming. With his son Billy, Lawrence continued operating his portion of the farm until his death in 1993 at the age of 81.

Kenney Farm Concord continued producing vegetables for wholesale market to The New England Produce Market, Shaws Supermarket, Stop and Shop Supermarket and local farm stands.